Brand Name

The name of the designer ‘Sheeba’, which means ‘promise’, defines the brand and its essence of commitment. A commitment to hold tradition, conserve originality and establish distinctiveness while embracing the trendy expectations of the new age women.

Brand Logo

Peacock feather, which is the brand’s insignia, represents the possessor of the most admired human characteristics including dignity, integrity, self-confidence and above all, beauty. The eye silhouette on the feather epitomizes the brand’s vision to gauge its present image against future trend expectations in the light of the traditional past.

Creative Head

The founder and Creative Head Sheeba Kapadia, has been a part of the fashion industry for over a decade. She strongly believes in creating haute couture that is not only novel but stands out from other designers in quality, uniqueness, and affordability. Over the last two years, Brand has launched 8 collections offering the whole range of designs including pret, luxury pret, formal wear and bridals. Being a premium fashion house, each dress of the collections has been named to reflect its spirit and overall appearance.

Collections Aurora

‘Aurora’ personified the origin of the Brand. Origin of Sheeba’s creative work that transmuted her experience over the years into her own signature style. The predominant use of pastel colors was meant to evoke openness and relaxation. The collection included simple cuts with traditional zardozi work, leather applique motifs and sequins cutwork.


‘Aspire’ offered a gorgeous range of luxury pret and formals with a focus on contemporary couture. It featured outfits with the evocation of Baroque patterns, Chinoiserie motifs and mosaic patterns.


‘Izdihar’ was designed specifically to adorn the modern bride with grace and glamour. All the magnificent ensembles in this collection were embellished with Zardozi work and included some of our best sellers such as Yaqoot and Emerald Empress.


‘Elysian’ included 6 Bridals and 7 Formal dresses. The 7 formals had a contemporary look and styling along with heavy traditional zardozi work. Apart from the traditional wedding colors, Elysian included bridals with bold color combinations. The collection was shot at the Quaid-e-Azam house that gave a very classic and imperial feel to Elysian, making it a truly heavenly collection.

Le Quotedien

The collection was aimed to offer haute couture for daily wear at an affordable price, hence the name Le Quotedien, which means everyday life. The collection was focused on contemporary designs with trendy cuts, simple motifs and light handwork.


Eshgham is the Persian word for “MY LOVE”. From earthy nudes to the bright tones of red, Eshgham truly encapsulated its name and Sheeba’s feelings while creating it. All the designs in this collection are very traditional and are embellished with heavy zardozi work. To reflect the overall theme of love and tradition in the shoot, Eshgham was shot at “Ranikot” which is an old fort in interior Sindh and is standing today with all its raw and traditional glory.


Tabir offered designer Chikankari in a way that has never been done before by any fashion house. The collection was designed in Pakistan and the base Chikankari work was done in Lucknow, India. Later, they were embellished with heavy Zardozi work and vibrant colors. Every piece of this collection is a piece of art on its own.


Seher was a formals collection with every single design different and unique from the other. Hence, reaffirming our motto of being “Distinctive”. We wanted Seher to have a very regal look to rhyme with its posh and elaborate formal designs. As such, we decided to shoot it at our new studio. This makes this collection even more unique because the furniture, background colors and even the upholstery has been designed by Sheeba herself.

Clair de lune

“Clair de lune” has been designed to offer a complete range of ensembles to the would-be bride. It not only encompasses beautiful Anarkalis and Angarkhas to meet the needs of engagement and mehndi brides, but also includes ravishing Farshi Ghararas, Lehenga Cholis, Saree and Wedding Gowns. With its sophisticated neutrals of silver, ice blue, mint and ivory that are focused towards dressing up an engagement or a Valima bride, “Clair de lune” maintains a delicate balance of hues through its shades of red, gold, rust and green that are aimed at dressing up the bride for the mehndi or the wedding day.

In addition to its balanced hues, the traditional cuts of the collection in the form of Pishwaz, Angarkhas and Lehenga cholis have been carefully balanced with more contemporary bridal gowns with long trains and ruffles.

As always, Sheeba Kapadia has stayed true to the latest trends in fashion through the use of geometric patterns, sheesha and gota cutwork and designer tassels.

To sum it up, “Claire de lune” aspires to meet all expectations of the new-age bride.


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