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Embolden your impact as a social butterfly with the flirty and feminine ruffles of this gorgeous crepe shirt. The floral work on the hemline and side slit is just the right thing to perfect the look. Pair it with a flared trouser and you are ready to steal the show.
GBP. 193


A festive season calls for an outfit brimming with life and nothing emanates life more than ruffles. Radiate your charm this season with this fresh and feminine organza shirt sparkling with hand embellished resham embroidery.
GBP. 169


Fashionably poised on the front and fearlessly bold on the back, this zardozi embellished net shirt is bound to give your style profile a major upgrade. If the intricate embroidery on neckline is not convincing enough, the belt draping the back slit does the magic. Slip into a pair of strappy high heels and strut off to make a statement.
GBP. 231


With a color as festive as the season and cut as chic as a French diva on Vogue’s front page – this impeccable outfit is destined to make you the center of attention. The flared sleeves and pleats on the lined Charmeuse will enchant the audience and transform you into an unforgettable style figure.
GBP. 254


A little sparkle here and a little sparkle there, is all a girl wants. Imagine the charm you can radiate with an outfit sparkling all over. This organza panelled shirt glistening with resham and pearls will have all your style dreams come true. An addition of a pair of statement earrings and no one else can steal your thunder.
GBP. 270


Reflect your fashion-forward style in this chic crepe and georgette shirt embellished with resham work. Whether you are the birthday girl or the most awaited guest on that brunch party, this sweet colored outfit will make sure you stay in the limelight.
GBP. 270


As they say the best accessory a girl can own is confidence. Give yours an immediate boost with the bold color and tasteful resham tassels of this head-turning outfit. The extra element added by the embellished motifs will work wonders to maintain your style status as a diva.
GBP. 208


Some days are just about fun and fearlessly being the diva that you are. Featuring a pleated hem and flared sleeve cuffs, this vibrantly colored outfit will add an extra dose of zest to your persona. Slip into a pair of pointed high heels and be the life of the party.
GBP. 177


Every head will turn your way when you walk into that evening soirée donning this chic masterpiece. The striking gold and turquoise zardozi motifs against the lustrous background of teal Charmeuse will turn you into an absolute glam queen.
GBP. 162


This season is all about flares and ruffles to keep the party going. With spray of sequins on side panels and hand embellishments on the front, this perky crepe and georgette top will make you the highlight of the night as you walk around in elegance.
GBP. 246


Your stylish stride can never go unnoticed in this lustrous Charmeuse sensation featuring some flared fiesta. The hand embellished motifs on collar and sleeves of this shaded coat will leave everyone bedazzled as you continue to be on top of the trends.
GBP. 185


Be a swooping sight as you make your grand appearance in this pretty tunic that features the best of fashion elements. The understated color receives a sudden gush of life with that delightful blend of Bows, ruffles and tassels. The sparkling embellishments on the sleeves will lift your look to ultimate perfection.
GBP. 169